Leslie Nychka

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God has blessed me with a genuinely adventurous and fulfilling life. I was born and raised in Texas and currently live on a farm, raising animals and all kinds of food in my garden. I love to travel, but mostly, I love to learn about God and His world.

Growing up, I had a wonderful mom and dad who taught me that I could achieve anything I wanted if I was willing to work for it. They also placed no restrictions on what that anything was. Those encouragements combined with a strong faith that God had a purpose for me led me to realize that I should never be afraid to attempt new endeavors as long as those endeavors didn’t conflict with His desires.

My first career choice was music, but God had different plans for me. Though I didn’t pursue a degree in the field, my time spent studying it left lifelong impressions on me. It gave me confidence in public speaking, an appreciation for artistic pursuits, and an ability to correlate life lessons with educational lessons.

From music, I moved to a second career choice of math and science, which culminated in a computer science degree from UTD. Programming was fun, somewhat like fitting puzzle pieces together, and led to meeting my husband. He has since been one of my lifelong encouragers. Together, he and I have successfully raised and homeschooled three beautiful kids. Our third is currently finishing her high school experience at THEO. Our primary focus of homeschooling has always been STEM, as we felt it gave our kids, given their inclinations, the most options when it came to higher-level learning.

My perspective on teaching is that all kids can learn anything: they need only prayer, patience, and encouragement. Prayer because God can handle anything. Patience because all kids have their own timeline. Encouragement because students need to know that it may take work, but they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science from University of Texas at Dallas


Picasso Software Solutions – 4 years

TwinStar Semiconductor – 1 year (FUN, but too many hours!)

Homeschooler – 20+ years

Children’s Ministry teacher/volunteer/coordinator – 15+ years

Robotics club leader/coordinator – 4+ years