Can I schedule a tour with THEO? Yes! We encourage you to fill out the Tour Schedule form. We look forward to meeting you!

Is THEO accredited? No

Does it matter that THEO is not accredited? It depends on what education path you are taking. Our experience has been that if you home educate your students in high school, you cannot switch over to the same grade in public school as they do not recognize our curricula as being equivalent to theirs. Colleges love homeschooled students, especially THEO students, so as long as you are not hoping to return to the public school during high school, then accreditation is irrelevant.

Is THEO a nut free facility? No. Friday Adventures is nut free but they are not the only students in the building on Friday and we cannot guarantee that no one has nut products in the building.

Can you explain where my first payment is applied to? Of course! Your one month tuition payment that is required at registration is applied to May for yearlong classes or to December for fall only classes. It is non-refundable. (FYI: The May tuition for many classes also covers August tuition.)

Why does my payment get applied to May since my student only attends for one week in May? That is a great question! Each teacher calculates the cost of the class based on our school year (usually 32 weeks) and divides that into 9 equal payments. Payments are due Sept. 1, Oct. 1, Nov. 1, Dec. 1, Jan. 1, Feb. 1, March 1, and April 1. May was already paid when you registered. August is “free.”

I get too many emails! Can I unsubscribe to Constant Contact? We’re sorry, but no. At least one parent from every family is required to receive Constant Contact emails. We try to title them so that you know if you need to read that particular email or delete it. Constant Contact is used to transmit important information to current THEO parents .

My student didn’t have her individual photo in the yearbook. What can you do? The yearbook staff does their best to include every student by offering a week of individual photos (emailed through Constant Contact) but they cannot force your student to take their photo. We suggest you bring your student to the photographer on site during the scheduled week of photos.

Why is the dress code so strict? Our Board of Directors want to encourage students to learn and not be distracted by clothing choices. We are different, and that’s ok. Please review the guidelines regularly.

THEO Lunch Room: THEO has a small lunch room which is available for students to eat their food. Food is not allowed in other parts of THEO’s building. Students are only allowed to take water into their classrooms. Students can only stay in the lunch room for 15 minutes since our lunch room is proportionally so small compared to THEO’s student count.

THEO Study Hall: THEO offers two study halls for students to work quietly in between classes. Students may be at THEO for up to one hour and 15 minutes before class, after class or in-between classes. Parents should not allow their students to sit in study hall unless they are confident that the student can follow the no-talking in study hall rule. Think of a library! THEO classroom walls are thin and the noise carries surprisingly far. Academics are THEO’s primary purpose.