The Home Educator’s Outsourcing Solution

The saying at THEO has always been many hands make light work.  And now, we are hoping you can lend us a hand.

God has given us advanced notice that THEO’s lease will not be renewed in June 2020, which means we will need to start “shopping” for a new THEO home in September 2019 in order to have time to

1) find the right space,

2) negotiate the lease with the help of an attorney and

3) finish out the space to “code” for a school.  There are many more rules for a school than for a normal leased space.

Although painting and moving expenses can be reduced by able-bodied students and their families, we cannot complete most of  the finish out to meet the “building code” for whatever city God has planned for our new THEO home.  Cities have rules about exits, room sizes, electrical wiring, construction material, door locations, sprinkler systems, locks, fire alarms, electrical outlet covers…..more aspects than an average person can think of.  Therefore, we expect to need approximately $100,000 (our best guess considering that finish out of our “old” THEO space in Suite 703 (next door) was $70,000 for a 4,400 square foot space with a lobby, lunch room, one office, restrooms and six classrooms.)

FYI:  THEO currently has 11,000 square feet, 12 classrooms, three offices, a lobby, a student lunch room, a teacher lunchroom, restrooms and a conference room.

FYI 2: Finish out will depend on the space we lease.  If it is current to the Building Code, then it will cost less to ready it for THEO classes. If it has not been updated in recent years, then the finish out price will be more.

                                                                  Timeline for this move?

Start shopping September 2019

Sign lease no later than January 2020

Finish out construction time

Move over June 1-15, 2020 to allow us to use free labor over 14 days to preserve our energy!

How to donate?

Cash or checks are always welcome at THEO, but visit  to donate using a credit card!
THEO is a 501(c)3 so receipts will be issued for your donations, which are tax deductible.