Homeschool! Who Me?

Home School, Who Me?

What:  This 20-year old updated seminar was designed for

Who:  Those seriously considering home education and looking for answers to a multitude of questions.

What it is not.  The sessions are not entertaining for those just curious.  They are not entertaining at all unless the listener is sincerely trying to understand how to home educate children.

How to help: Pass along these sessions if you know of someone sincerely seeking facts to help them decide about home education for their own children, or seeking advice on how to set up their homeschool for the first time.

The updated version of this 20 year old seminar for parents has been uploaded to YouTube  during the COVID-19 crisis in spring 2020.  As in 1999 when this seminar was written to get one home school mom off of the telephone,  more and more families entertain the idea of home educating their children in 2020.  Although home education is not for everyone,  it is possible that the two-month lock down was God moving your feet onto a new path to bless your children and family.

Remember  Tennyson’s quote: Education should be the lighting of a fire, not the filling of a bucket.

This ten-part seminar should be watched in snippets.  (Some are rather long snippets.  Advanced apologies for the 23 and 24 minute sessions  “Choosing a Curriculum.”  Once I got started it was hard to stop since there are so many resources to discuss.)

These are first draft recordings in order to get them out on the THEO web site as quickly as possible.  They will be updated and improved as time allows. Promise!

Session 1 – Introduction to Homeschooling – What to consider, history of THEO and context of this seminar (5 minutes)

Session 2 – Homeschooling Statistics and Legality (8 minutes)

Session 3 – Pros and Cons (the long one at 15 minutes)

Session 4 – Choosing a curriculum for your k-8th grade student (still long at 23 minutes, but offers an excellent long term perspective for all subjects)

Session 5- Choosing a curriculum for your 9-12th grade student ( 24 minutes with lots of information about where to get MORE information!)

Session 6 – Organizing your home school classroom (5 minutes)

Session 7 – Setting up your home school Calendar –-(9 minutes)     …oops, I failed to suggest you consider taking off April and October, the most beautiful months in Texas weather every year!

Session 8 – Resources available for homeschooling families in North Texas (10 minutes)

Session 9 – Differing philosophies about home education, for instance, Charlotte Mason versus Classical.  During this 12 minute session I failed to mentioned THEO’s Worldview classes!  We teach Worldviews of the Western World written by David Quine who lives in Richardson, TX.

Session 10 – Avoid the temptation to keep up with the Jones’ (5 minutes)

Session 11 – IF I have time when this is all over, I will record funny homeschooling stories from many families.  Homeschooling families have fun.  I want you to know that to the core of your being – whether or not your family is called to join our ranks!  God bless you!