2025 Graduation

It’s time to organize THEO Graduation 2025! THEO provides a Christian community for home educating parents to “drive” the education of their high school students with support from gifted teachers.  As part of this support, we provide a structured ceremony for 50 graduates in which parents and students celebrate their academic successes as a group every May. Beginning in February each school year, THEO Graduation Application will be accepted until the group is full or until May 1.
THEO Graduation Requirements
* Attend at least one yearlong class or equivalent at THEO your junior year.
* Attend at least one yearlong class or equivalent at THEO your senior year.
* Recommend attending the Graduation Informational Zoom meeting held in the end of January or early February.
* REQUIRED: THEO parent and student must attend the Required Graduation Zoom meeting in April for your application to be accepted.
* Apply and have your application and deposit turned in by 5/1 of your junior year.
* No more than three discipline records in our THEO Jupiter Grades system.  Priority will be given to those students without any disciplinary records.
The commitment to join THEO Graduation is significant.  If your family meets the qualifications above, please download and read the THEO Graduation Handbook.
Regardless of the headcount, applications will not be accepted after May of the student’s JUNIOR year. Therefore, any family who applies after that time will not be able to join the group. FYI: If you need a graduation 2025 group, consider the graduation ceremony offered through THSC.org.
The graduation fees are paid to an account established for the sole purpose of graduation (THEO Seniors), and no one, including the THEO Graduation Director, is paid for their work on graduation.
Until the venue is set each year, the costs are not firm because venue prices can vary by significant amounts.
The fee to THEO Seniors for graduation is currently set at $300 although the total cost of a graduation varies because:
Every family orders their own graduation announcements.
Every family arranges for their own senior pictures.
Cost also depends on whether your senior attends the senior retreat, or perhaps your family chooses a family senior trip.
Monthly graduation group activities often cost for a meal or activity although some group organized activities are purposely no cost.
Please note the fees are non-refundable after joining the senior group.