Fear Not! Homeschool Through High School

Several years ago, five THEO teachers wrote the seminar Fear Not! Homeschool Through High School to share and record all we had gleaned on our own homeschooling journeys in order to serve  THEO families well as they continued in the tradition of home education.  Each of us believes strongly in home education, although none of us think it is the answer for 100% of the population.  United, we  counsel you to listen carefully to the Lord’s leading and only home educate when both parents are in firm agreement regarding God’s calling.

The eight sessions listed below comprise the seminar originally known as THEO’s Fear Not! Homeschool through High School.

The beauty of the seminars being offered online?

1) You can watch one of the sessions or all of them,

2) You are able to watch from the privacy of your own home

3) You can easily share the sessions with your non-THEO friends

4) You can rewatch them at your convenience as your children grow and move closer to graduation when your perspective may change!

Eight Presentations recorded 7/1/2017


You can find Texas Education Graduation Requirements – side-by-side – by visiting


Texas Common Course Number System?

To check college course compatibility between colleges, i.e. see which courses will transfer- visit



We will never fully plumb the depths of information about college….and we will continue to update this page adding newly discovered pieces of information for you as they surface.

One final parting tidbit of wisdom?

Pray, know that God has given you a spirit of peace, not fear. Which means you ask questions, seek information.  Talk to the advisers in the departments of a few colleges your student is interested in attending.  For instance, if your student likes small Christian schools, visit Dallas Baptist University here locally to talk to their advisers about a college visit-no travel!   If your child knows their field of interest, then have the admissions adviser direct you to the right department adviser for an appointment.  Gathering information dispels fears and will unfold the right path.  God uses the details to reveal His best plan!  If your student wants to attend a state run university, then visit University of Texas at Dallas or Arlington, or Texas Women’s or any other nearby state universities to start your information gathering.  It doesn’t have to be hard!


* Transcripts should be one page long.  The new Common App has a second page for the resume where students list their awards, honors, volunteering, leadership, etc.