Student Learning Issues

Many THEO students have learning differences on a wide variety of levels.  The good and bad news is that the world is awash in sources of help for your family if one of your children is in need of learning help.

The first line of defense is Donna Cantu, one of our THEO teachers, who is available to meet with you to brainstorm solutions and point to resources.  You can schedule an appointment with her via email at  Her fee is $45/hour with a one hour minimum.

Donna’s training is listed on our THEO web site under welcome, then teachers.  As well as extensive training, Donna has decades of experience in helping families and students succeed despite learning differences.

THEO also recommends Priscilla DeLatte who is a retired educational diagnostician.  Priscilla is available to talk via telephone or email to schedule a time for testing.  Her testing is thorough, accepted by colleges and public schools and reasonably priced.  Priscilla is a sweet Christian who loves helping families unravel the mystery of their children.  Contact Priscilla at

The beauty of Donna Cantu and Priscilla DeLatte is that they do not sell services to correct the problem.  They can help you identify the problem without any financial skin in the game which would motivate them to “find additional problems” which could lead to more money.

THEO parent and teacher, Vicki Musall, is also an excellent resource if you have a child with learning differences but her specialization is helping students and parents navigate when the student has tendencies of autism or Asperger Syndrome.  You can reach Vicki Musall at and her fee is $45/hour with a one hour minimum.  You can read more about Vicki’s background at our THEO teacher page.

However sometimes we all need help beyond diagnosis.

THEO has developed a strong relationship with Acorn to Oak, Dr. Terrie Naramore.  Her web site is

We also have had success using Reach for the Stars, a program which is offered in the Dallas Lutheran School building by Executive Director Brenda Laurent.  Her web site is

Finally, we recommend you work with Dr. Patricia Scott, retired home school parent and Psychiatrist.  You can reach Dr. Scott at