Helpful Links

We use Jupiter Grades to communicate with THEO students and Constant Contact to communicate with parents.  Upon joining at least one THEO class, you should have received an email with an invitation to join Jupiter Grades.

Jupiter Grades —  Keep up with homework and grades.  This is also the best place to email your teachers!  To learn more about navigating THEO Jupiter Grades, please watch these four short clips on a computer monitor.  It doesn’t work well on a phone!

Parents and students must each have their own log in for Jupiter.  If your student is too young to have their own email address, no problem.  List a second email address for you in place of their student email address!

THEO Database — Update your family information, verify monthly tuition amounts, during January and February register for classes, view your children’s class schedule.

The links above are all to individual sites that require an ID and password, including invites to join.  If you are a member of THEO and have not established your user ID and password with Jupiter and the Database, please send an email to

Math: Mission Possible – Click this link to meet THEO’s amazing math team, each is experienced, kind, thorough and gifted.

Which math class should my student take?

Click Math Placement Tests to access the Saxon placement tests.  A placement test is required if this is your first year to take Math at THEO!

Need an AP (Advanced Placement) Exam?

Bulletin for AP Students and Parents — Your guide to the AP Program

AP Central — Advanced Placement Information

See below for links and information on how to register for the exam in your school district.  REGISTRATION WITH YOUR PUBLIC ISD will occur in October 2019 for the May 2020 tests.  During September, don’t delay in calling them if you are planning for your student to take an AP exam!

  • Allen — You will find a contact name and the phone number of someone to help you register for the exam.  This should be done by October each fall.
  • Carrollton/Farmers Branch — Contact Newman Smith High School at 972-968-5200.  Tell the receptionist what you need and she will transfer you.  You will go through a few steps, online registration, paying the fee in cash (no checks) and a special “bubbling session” at the school.  The public schools offer a wide array of AP exams.  The private schools offer a handful of exams geared to what their students need.
  • Plano — On the PISD site, search for the PSAT/AP Testing for Home Schooled students.  You will need to download the AP exam form and mail it to them. Their registration deadline is in October of each school year – the timing change was made by College
  • Richardson — Look in the “Contacts” list for Advanced Placement (PreAP/AP) to find the name and number of the AP Coordinator.  This should be done by early October each year.

HB 1844 (passed in 2007) requires local school districts to provide PSAT and AP tests to home-schooled students who live in their attendance area.

Helpful AP Links:

Need the PSAT/NMSQT Exam? 

You’ll need to contact your local public or private school.

If you live in PLANO, then click on the link below to find out how to register for the exam:

Live outside of Plano?  Contact your ISD by Labor Day or the week following to register your child for the PSAT.  They must order the tests by early September from

Also interested in your student taking an AP test,  ask about the timing and how to register when you call your public ISD to reserve a PSAT.


Dual Credit with Collin College – the homeschool code is 969998

Dual credit means students earn dual (two) credits for a class.  They earn  both high school credit and college credit for a specific class.  For instance, taking English 1301 at Collin (a one semesters class) will be on the student’s permanent college transcript, but the class can also be listed  as one half HS credit on  the student’s high school transcript.

THEO offers several Collin College Dual Credit classes on their campus.  Regardless of whether you are signing up for a THEO/Collin Dual Credit course or a class on the Collin College web site, you will need to visit and search for their dual credit information which is also found at

The classes listed on the back of the form are not binding theses are just courses that the student is approved to take. If you are thinking about taking courses please go ahead and write them down so we do not have to go back and add it later.

A Collin College fillable version of the form here below.

Permission Form:

TSI Website:

From that page, print out the New Student Check list to get started at Collin!

Need Academic Advising from Collin College?

Students and parents who need to visit with a Collin academic advisor:  Collin College has advisors on each of their campuses;  they even  see students on a walk in basis. Please see the link below for more information on Collin College academic advising offices.

FYI – Collin has a new nursing program.  To learn more about the nursing program, make an appointment with  a Collin Academic Advisor!

THEO’s Special Admissions Counselor is  Alma Martell

Special Admissions Coordinator
Collin College – Frisco Campus

Office:  469-365-1850


How to register on for a THEO class?

Online Registration Procedures for ISD Designated Dual Credit Sections

Designated dual credit courses held on the high school or college campus and you have the CRN number for the course. These courses are not searchable, must have CRN from THEO’s administration staff.

New students: register online after checklist items 1-5 have already been completed

Returning students: register after providing permission form 

  1. Go to
  2. On the top right side of the web page, type in your CougarWeb username and password (provided via email from after initial application; need username and password: go to and select Getting Started, CougarWeb, Login Assistance)
  3. Go to “Add or Drop Classes” under Registration Tools
  4. Select the registration term (e.g. Fall 2017 Credit)
  5. Input the 5 digit CRN for your designated section
  6. Select “Submit Changes”—Your registered courses will then show under the Current Schedule
  • Ensure your classes are paid for by the payment deadline to avoid being dropped for non-payment●

Other College Contacts?
Colleges seek out home educated students and THEO boasts of a great relationship with many colleges who offer seminars at THEO, host dual credit classes at THEO and more.


THEO is a THSC Affiliate Group

If you are a THEO family, then contact us for the code to receive a $20 discount on your annual THSC membership.

Selling used curriculum?

We do not have the room to accept and store used curriculum. Please look into selling your items through Homeschool Classifieds.

Facebook groups are also used to sell homeschooling curricula in our area.  Search by Plano Christian Homeschool buy/sale/trade.  McKinney has two or three group and Rockwall and Rowlett have some too.