Welcome to THEO Christian Solution, Inc.

Home Education works!  THEO annually serves approximately 500 home educating families in North Texas to support their family goals of strong academics in a Christian environment where parents are in charge.  We offer  families outsourced classes for their students as well as educational seminars to help train the parents in the rigors of home education.

Believing that parents should be in charge of their children’s education, THEO was established as a resource for North Texas home schools in the fall of 2006 as The Home Educator’s Outsourcing Solution, L.L.C. which ceased operations with the conclusion of the 2016-2017 school year.  THEO, in spirit, continues as the non-profit (501c3) organization THEO Christian Solution, Inc., managed by a board.

Many years later, even with this organizational change, we conclude homeschooling works and thousands of home educated students graduate each year to make a difference in their communities.  However, we continue to see that homeschooling is hard work for any parent — despite their commitment, their discipline or their talent.  Teaching multiple grades and multiple subjects is possible, but it is also draining for even the most disciplined parent. That is why THEO exists. THEO is a place where homeschool parents voluntarily associate together and meet for the purpose of enhancing their child’s homeschool education.

THEO provides a central place for you to find help for your student’s academic needs and to encourage you to finish home educating through your student’s senior year. Our goal is to promote home education in our community by coming along side local home educators with one or more classes for your students.

THEO offers classes for elementary age through high school students as well as science, grammar, literature and Friday Adventures for the elementary aged students-everything from math, science, worldview classes, acting, forensics, foreign languages and more.  During 2020, the world of education changed dramatically.  In many ways, it was a silver lining of an otherwise challenging year.  As more and more families decided to home educate their children, THEO teachers and Board determined to use our resources to assist those families as much as possible – knowing how challenging it is to sustain a home school!  In the fall of 2020, THEO piloted our first Academic Adventures class for grades 4-6th on Wednesday mornings with eight precious students.  Teachers had fun; students had fun while learning a lot, so we continued the Wednesday AA4-5-6 class and added one for Tuesday mornings beginning in January 2021.THEO now offers AA for grades 1-6 a few days a week in 2023-24.  THEO’s teachers and Board continue to seek ways to come alongside families new to home education to share our resources, our wisdom and experience.  See our current class listing here.

Registration is year-round for our classes which have limited openings with most classes having about ten students although our largest classroom for older grades accommodates up to 20 students.  Our teachers who have experience teaching in local co-op’s, in their homes or in public/private schools, strive to  provide a solid education for our THEO home school families for a reasonable cost each month.  Click here for our teachers’ bios.  THEO partners with Collin College, Colorado Christian University and other colleges to provide dual credit classes on our campus.

Success in any classroom begins with strong classroom management by the teacher.  For further information about how THEO teachers manage their classrooms, please see THEO’s rules and guidelines page.  Each teacher lists an email address on their bio in order for you to contact them directly with questions about their classes, curriculum or worldview.

Since August 2007, THEO students have attended class in the Pittman Corners shopping center on the southwest corner of Custer and 15th Street in Plano.  Our address is:

1301 Custer Road, Suite 616
Plano, TX 75075

Click here for more location details

Jump in now if you are ready to register your student or students for a THEO classClick here for registration information for new families.  Have more questions?  Email them to info@theo.solutions or contact us to schedule a tour.

If you and your children are flourishing without any help from THEO, Godspeed to you.  We congratulate you on your decision to home educate your children; we congratulate you on your wisdom to invest your time in the most worthwhile cause on planet earth—your children.  Cherish the moments you have with them because life goes by so fast.  Homeschooling a child for twelve years sounds like a long time, but when it is over, the years will have rushed by like a flood.

Enjoy this moment!  Make a memory in your home with your child today! And may God richly bless you, your children and your home school.  Deuteronomy 6:4-7

Terri Threadgill

THEO Christian Solution, Inc. Director Emeritus

Plano, Texas