Classes – Dual Credit

THEO Classes which earn DUAL Credits for students


I.  AP courses – AP Lit and Comp and AP Human Geography


II. Three Dual Credit options:

A. Collin College – 9 classes

Psychology 2301 (fall)
Learning Framework EDUC 1300 (spring)
Federal Government 2305 (fall)**
Texas Government 2306 (spring)**
English 1301 (fall) – two sections, one on Tuesdays and the second on Thursdays
English 1302 (spring) – two sections, one on Tuesdays and the second on Thursdays
U.S. History 1301 (fall)**
U.S. History 1302 (spring)**
**not held on THEO campus

B. Colorado Christian University – 3 classes, held at THEO
  • All three CCU classes are yearlong, providing ample time to thoroughly grasp and master concepts. This extended duration contrasts with the accelerated pace often found in local community colleges, ensuring a more relaxed and effective learning environment. In essence, it’s about more learning and less stress.
  • Easy registration process, NO TSI test score required! Simply register for the class through THEO, as you would with any other THEO class. AFTER the course has began, you can then register your student with CCU, which will take about 5 minutes – no “holds”, no hoops to jump through. CCU registration remains open until the spring semester, giving your student a chance to “test the waters” before committing to an official college transcript grade. CCU drop dates for the course also extend into the spring semester.
  • CCU is an accredited university meaning its classes easily transfer to Collin and other universities*, however, do your due diligence in researching this – acceptance of transfer credits from any college is entirely up to each university.

AP Literature and Composition, taught by Donna Cantu, which is an extremely popular college English credit for our THEO families.  Consider it!

College Algebra, taught by Dixie Hacker…ideal for the student looking to get that college math credit out of the way or for the STEM student wanting to solidify algebra skills needed for future math coursework…learn more here.

Computer Science 1 (Python & Cyber Security) Michael Hayes


C. Christian Halls offers dual credits to THEO Worldview I, II, III classes – contact the teachers for the list of dual credit options