Achievement Testing

Achievement Testing at THEO – 2024

  1. THEO will only offer the IOWA Achievement test in May 2024
  2. Dates are May 20-24, 2024
  3. The deadline to sign up is Friday, April 12,  2024.
  4. Effective a few years ago, THEO stopped offering achievement testing for families not associated with THEO due to a negative experience during the summer of 2015 when a non-THEO family pulled us into their custody battle.  If you feel as if your family should be considered as an exception to this rule, then please email us at with your explanation. We apologize for this change as it has normally been a positive experience to meet non-THEO people in our building.
  5. Cost:  $70 total for Iowa basic–which means we buy your test and administer it.  OR $95 if you want your child to take the COGAT, which is an extra two hour test on  Friday, May 24, 2024.

What is the COGAT? Only offered during May, the COGAT is two extra hours of testing which helps you understand the results of  the IOWA Achievement test.  This test will tell you whether your student who scored at the 90th percentile is performing at, above or below his/her capabilities.  For instance, it might tell you that your student who scored in the 70th percentile is performing at his top capability.

Included in your $70 fee:

  • 6-8 hours of testing in a familiar classroom with healthy protein snacks provided
  • Testing will occur over two days with a short break each day to allow the student time to refresh.
  • Cost includes the test itself plus an email of a link with the results from BJU

Testing Location:   

1301 Custer Road, Suite 616
Plano, TX 75075

Click here for more location details

Who Can Test?  Home educated students who take 2023-2024 or 2024-2025 classes at THEO or who have siblings who take classes at THEO.  Testing is only offered for grades 4-12.  If your students do not currently take THEO classes, please apply for an exception to have your children tested if you feel as if you should be considered.  Home educated students only: THEO testers are only allowed to test students who are home educated.  According to our contract with BJU, we cannot administer tests to students who attend the public or private schools.

Exam Proctor(s): Paula Smith with help from THEO staff (and other THEO teachers as needed if an emergency arises.)

Why is THEO only offering the IOWA now? For the few years before 2018 (when THEO stopped offering the Stanford Achievement Test), it was uncertain whether we would be able to purchase the Stanford (untimed) Achievement Test.  Because THEO converted to a 501c3 in 2017, THEO is allowed to purchase the IOWA Test Form E which is much more current than either the Stanford or the IOWA Form C that we used in the past.  IOWA Form E came out in 2012 based upon 2011 norms and is now in 4-color.  It is aligned to common core and state standards although it is not designed to test common core.  It is more aligned with college readiness information and scoring is 100% aligned and exceeds common core, as opposed to the IOWA form C which was only 85% aligned.

You can visit to learn more about each test, or perhaps you want to read up by “searching” Iowa Basic Achievement Tests in an internet browser.  Basically: Each section of the IOWA test is timed and covers Vocabulary, Word Analysis, Listening, Reading Comprehension, Language, Math, Social Studies, and Science Sources of Information.

The most significant change?  The Stanford Achievement Test was untimed which means the students were allowed to continue working on each section of the test as long as they were working productively.  Each section of the IOWA is timed.  However, exceptions to the time are allowed with proper prior approval.  We are looking into exactly what is needed from a doctor for the extension to be given, trying to determine if it matters what type of doctor writes the note, etc.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the time exception for your child.

How do I register? Complete the current THEO Testing Registration Form and send it with your $70 check (or $95 check) payable to THEO Christian Solution to:

1301 Custer Road, Suite 616
Plano, TX 75075

Click here for more location details

Contact us at 469-277-8875 or if you have questions.

Non-refundable: Please consider your schedule and your child carefully before registering to test with THEO.  We offer this as a service to serve our families who want annual testing.  But we cannot offer a refund should you choose to register and then not have your child tested.

Test Preparation/Practice Information

Eager to find a practice IOWA Achievement test for your student?

If so, visit the BJUP website:

There you can find  a booklet called “Better Test Scores” – you purchase these by subject area or in a groups perhaps, but they have test questions that are very similar to the ones found on the Stanford.  The format is not exactly like the Stanford 10, but it covers material that may be tested.  These books contain a fair amount of subject matter and are designed to be more of a test prep type of book.

Practice test help from BJU


Click on homeschools

Click on shop

Click on testing

On the right side bar, click on test materials Click on practice tests you can then choose Iowa.

Find practice tests for Iowa tests grades 9-12 there.  BJU Testing specifically mentioned practice tests for the IOWA.  Maybe THEO staff has looked in the wrong spot, so we recommend contacting the testing department at BJU at 800-845-5731 and asking how to order them.  The cost for the practice tests is not covered by THEO.