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Path to Teaching:

During my teen years I volunteered to teach Sunday School, was an active member of Future Teachers of America, and in the Teaching Major Studies class at my high school. Additionally, I worked in private preschools during my high school and college years as I pursued my degree and dream of becoming a professional educator. I taught grades 4, 5 and 6 for ten years, and I hold teaching certificates in Texas and Virginia.

My sons had learning styles and challenges that needed environments and methods beyond what their public and private schools were providing.  God called me to begin homeschooling them towards the end of their elementary years, and it has been a blessing which God has used to impact all of our family. I began teaching at THEO once my youngest was a senior.

At THEO, I strive for each student to embrace how he/she learns best and take ownership of that path with parental and teacher support. I start my classes with prayer and apply lessons and homework to the bigger picture of how God is preparing the students to be lifelong learners. I believe grades are numbers and data to guide us and improve upon, if needed, but they do not define us if our identity is in Christ above all else. I teach every age of students at THEO, from our Friday School kindergarteners all the way up to our seniors in Money Management God’s Way and Successful Student Strategies. This year, I have taken on the role of director for our K-6 graders who attend on Fridays, as Mrs. Shirley Day generously blessed THEO with her business upon her retirement from Friday School.

My high school classes, Money Management God’s Way and Successful Student Strategies (formerly Brain Body Balance), incorporate a variety of teaching methods selected to guide students to make mature choices in order to be intentional teens and later thriving adults. My junior high classes deep dive into World Literature and Texas History at a level that moves them towards applying what they read, learn and discuss to their own lives. I work with the parent and student to offer adjustments in the class if needed for success. Everyone is respected as an individual COG (Child of God), and this year I am incorporating many more interactive learning opportunities so our THEO students can connect with each other as they strive to learn and be THEO servant leaders for Christ.

For the 2020-21 school year, as I continue to work at Friday School, I am thrilled to also bring back my Future Teachers Training class to those interested in pursuing either a degree in education or a teaching certificate down the road.

I have firsthand experience working with my sons and several other families to get the services needed for success outside of THEO as well. All of the glory goes to GOD for the blessings and opportunities He brings. If you need guidance or help or have questions, please reach out. My personal email is

THEO email: or at 


Bachelor of Science in Education: Stephen F. Austin State University
Master of Education Administration: University of North Texas
Beginning Teacher of the Year at Hughston Elementary in Plano ISD
Trainer and leader on a large variety of Educator Training and Improvement programs at each campus I worked at throughout my years.
Educational Consultant and Trainer for IBM: teaching teachers how to use technology in their classrooms to help manage and individualize instruction.

Information about Mrs. Musall’s THEO classes:

Junior High World Literature
Texas History

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♦️Successful Student Strategies: