Planning Schedules

When planning for a high school class schedule, we highly recommend you consult a friend who has children older than yours for help in this area.

However, if you are new to the home education community, THEO friend Shari Nelson of CCC Toolbox is available to help with one-on-one consulting for a fee of $50/hour or with a number of seminars she offers to cover a variety of topics.  You can reach  her at or or 214-395-8454.  Shari Nelson, former homeschool mom and  founder of CERC in Rowlett worked as a high school counselor for a Christian school for years before launching out in 2022 to serve homeschooling families with her knowledge and love for homeschooling families.

  • Shari offers a 16-week seminar that starts a couple of times/year.  The course is via zoom and meets for two hours/week to lead the student through a complete college application process. Price is $100/month for the four months it meets plus a $50 registration fee.
  • However, she is also happy to help if your student is not college bound! Her rate is $50/hour and very reasonable to tap the advanced knowledge and resources she has.
  • She offers testing that will help them (and you) discern the wise path.  She loves the Lord.
  • Go to Shari’s blog for help on transcripts if needed:

There are reasons to NOT home educate your children.  Planning their schedule or preparing a transcript is NOT one of those reasons.
Each of us is available to help and appointments can be scheduled via email.

You will be amazed at the weight that will fall off your shoulders after one quick hour with Shari.  What feels daunting to a newbie can be quickly chopped into manageable pieces in a matter of 60 short minutes.

Come prepared to brain storm but also to receive a four year plan!

OR if your student has learning differences and you need counseling in that area, THEO recommends you contact Lisa Wright at the Wright Approach, PLLC for a meeting.  She offers dyslexia therapy and ADHD life coaching.  Reach Lisa at or 214-448-5472.  Lisa’s web site is