Planning Schedules

When planning for a high school class schedule, we highly recommend you consult a friend who has children older than yours for help in this area.

However, if you are new to the home education community, Donna Cantu and Terri Threadgill are  available to help.

After years of offering this service without charge, our calendars have grown too tight to be able to continue without a fee despite our passion for simplifying this frightening process for as many people as possible.

There are reasons to NOT home educate your children.  Planning their schedule or preparing a transcript is NOT one of those reasons.
Each of us is available to help and appointments can be scheduled via email.  The fee is $45/hour with a one hour minimum of consultation.
Donna Cantu can be reached at

Terri Threadgill can be reached at

You will be amazed at the weight that will fall off your shoulders after one quick hour with either of us.  What feels daunting to a newbie can be quickly chopped into manageable pieces in a matter of 60 short minutes.

Come prepared to brain storm but also to receive a four year plan!