My Power Meeting of the day…   

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What if I make my meeting with the Lord my power meeting of the day?  How do I prepare for the big meeting with a client or with an important person?  I do my homework; I make sure I am fresh and rested, presenting my best side.

But instead, with You Father, I stumble out of bed, meeting with You when I can’t present my best side, when my eyes are barely open. When I can’t concentrate well or focus.

And I wonder why my quiet time isn’t rich? Why I don’t hear from You very often?

If I make You the priority power meeting of every day Lord, I suspect all the other meetings will fall into place just fine, without incident.

Going forward, I vow to:

  • Make my time with You my daily power meeting
  • Which means giving you my best time of the day
  • Presenting my best focus on You, not answering the phone or email in the midst of our time together.

I will wait on You, not leaving you waiting on me.

Then, I will leave my other duties to You.  And rest in You. Let You carry my yolk.

I love You Lord. Please keep me keeping You in the cross hairs of my life, my mind, my attention, my time.

Funny, it isn’t all about me, but it isn’t all about any other living person.
It is all about You, always has been….we just missed it….