What We Set Out To Build 

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A Christian homeschool….isn’t that what we all set out to build when we launch our home schools?  Unfortunately, in many homes, this idea gives new meaning to the phrase “hindsight is 20/20.”  As much as I longed to found a Christian homeschool for my two boys 12 years ago, in many ways, looking back, it seems I merely established a school for two.  A school directed by my husband and me making the best decisions we knew to make.   I don’t want you to take me wrong. We have frequently prayed over decisions; we are both serious about our walk with the Lord.

I just think secular roots ran far deeper into our worldview than we could possibly have known back then.  Gradually and continually since 1994, God has opened our minds to see countless secular opinions that were deeply rooted in our minds and habits.  Visualize them as innumerable, yet life sustaining arteries, filling in every crevice of our body. Yet these beliefs weren’t giving life blood to my organs but input to my decisions, the very decisions which were shaping my children, the two cherished treasures that I longed to protect the most.

Although I am not going to be perfect this side of heaven, I now get it. I can’t co-pilot with the Lord.  He must drive 100% of our school for it to be a Christian school.  I must be hands off; no more making the calculated decisions, weighing between curriculums, balancing extra curricular activities.  Granted, He has given me a mind to use, but we all know the difference between deciding what we think is best, forcing what we want rather than leaving the choice to Him.

My advice as a veteran home school mom?  Be true to yourself when you set off on the home schooling journey. Go as spiritually deep as you can, as quickly as you can. Work hard, study more than you ask your children to study.  Strive to grow and stretch yourself mentally but also with discipline in all habits of your life.  Oswald Chambers says to make a habit of not having habits.

Obviously we need routine for our children to thrive, but so often we worship our methods and fail to see the matchless opportunities God lays before us. I don’t know how better to say it; you can trust the Lord with your days and weeks.  Put every “card” on the table for God to reveal the truth regarding your worldview and your belief system. Let Him show you what area needs growth next in your life.

Your children will flourish as they catch the excess of growth you experience in your own life each day.  He is trustworthy, unchangeable.  Give it all to Him, especially your minutes, your kids, your pride, your own ability to think through the right decisions.

Then watch to see what He will do…Those rude comments from strangers or family members won’t matter any longer….and it won’t be so stressful to pick out new curriculums or to keep up with the house, baby and math…

Daily devotions were designed for one of two purposes. One is to study the greatness of God in order to deflate our egos so we can have proper perspective on our contributions to the world. The second is to study the greatness of God in order to inflate our egos so that we can have the proper perspective on the value we bring to this world as the Lord’s children.  Spend time at least once a day focusing on Him by reading His word.