Money is not the root of all things…

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I am confounded at times by my own obsession with money. I have prayed for specific amounts of money, which never came. Regardless of my lack of miracle money, the Lord provided what I intended to buy without providing the money.

Our God created money as a method for us to keep track and to indicate fairness, a method of efficiency.  Money is not evil….

But He is not limited or confined by His own creation.  He is more than capable of providing our needs without ever giving us a dime.

Open up your minds to comprehend all He wants to do for you.

I was just reading Acts 3:1-10 about the lame beggar who Peter and John healed.  He was begging for money; they had something far more valuable to him—healing.  That healing then allowed him to earn money without having God give him a dime.  His request was answered but in a manner which was incomprehensible to him.

It is the same with THEO’s chairs and tables and location and so many other tangible things.  He has not blessed me with the riches of Bill Gates, but nonetheless, our God has blessed me.  He works in a stealth manner to provide all that we need and more.

And in the end, I like it so much better this way—despite my frequent pleas to ask God to reward me or Phil financially with a fatter paycheck or pennies from heaven.

I recently read that it is a difficult marriage of God and man.  We, without any resource, marry God, who has all of the resources.  Despite our finiteness, He is a loving husband to us.  Providing for us, but not smothering us with His provision, sneaking behind to make us think we have provided for our own needs.  Giving us a picture of the joy He feels in providing for us, He allows us to work, to earn money, in order to provide the needs of our own children.

He is so gracious to us. He lets us participate in the provision, in creation, despite the fact that He always remembers our frame is of dust.  How can He do this?  His creativity is limitless.  Our minds cannot comprehend; they aren’t big enough. They are too confined by walls, some physically put there; others we build throughout our lifetimes.

It isn’t about the stuff. It is about what we become when He uses us to provide for many.  He is allowing us to share in His position, in His powerful position as the owner of the resources.

Now that is an awesome and loving God.  Praise His Holy Name today and all days going forward….for eternity…..