Waiting, constantly waiting…

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I am constantly waiting and annoyed. I am annoyed with the salesman who calls on my telephone and then takes 20 seconds to speak. I am annoyed by my husband who tries to talk to me and work on his computer at the same time, leaving me waiting for his responses as if my time didn’t have any value.

I am annoyed at my children who do the same thing….and I am annoyed with the cashier who moves too slowly in checking my groceries because she is chatting with the sacker…

But then, I stop. My cheeks flush in humiliation.

As I suddenly realize I leave you waiting, waiting, constantly waiting Lord.

If I show up for time with you every day, then I might lose my focus for a few minutes to check to see what email came in to make my computer ding. Or maybe to look at my calendar to see what the day holds.

Please forgive me Lord.  I shudder to think I keep You, THE King of the universe, waiting on me.

It isn’t about me.  My time is not the most precious commodity.

You alone can be trusted with an endless supply of time.  We can’t, not yet, not this side of heaven.

But in heaven, we will be trustworthy to know how to value that which is immeasurable.

Gold holds its value because it is rare, in limited supply.

And yet, you gave us water and air to breath in abundance.  You knew we wouldn’t value them, but we need them.  We don’t need gold and yet we value gold at more than air or water?

In heaven, we will have the right perspective to value things properly.  Properly means valuing things as You value them, not as the world does.