Being a homeschool leader

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None of us is equipped to be a homeschool leader.  But all of us should follow the call of the Lord if He is pushing us to do something in a leadership position.  He who calls will enable.

Recently a long time friend of mine decided to start a homeschool co-op like N-Tech.   She said how much it helped her to know I thought she could do it.  I do think she can do it, but not because of her talents, which are many. I think she can do it because the Lord will provide.

Not one of us is a perfect person, far less are we perfectly equipped to be a leader of people, even if those people were perfect, but they aren’t.  We are the least equipped of all to be a leader of other imperfect people.

But when He puts a call on our heart to do something for others in our homeschooling community—or in any community, God is calling us into His training program, literally His boot camp.  The longer I live the more I can see it never was about my helping others, but always about God designing a personal boot camp for my soul.

As I told her, N-Tech is perhaps the single thing in my life which has grown me up more than anything else.  Yet I still have lots of room to grow.

If He is calling you to do something, do it.

But be ready. Not only won’t it be easy, but it will be painful as He refines you, as He knocks down your passionate beliefs, the things that you think you know about how life should be. He knocks down our idols, the deepest ingrained wrong opinions that we are willing to fight a brother over.

And I am so thankful that He has knocked down my wrong opinions and beliefs.

Apparently I had some deep ruts that He needed a heavy plow to knock down in my soul.  He used 100 families over eight years to flatten out the road in my spirit. There were many times I didn’t think I could stand the pressure, but today, I am so thankful He called me into leadership. Thankful, not for having the point man position of our 100 families, but for the change He has used it to make in my life.

There are more ruts to be taken care of, but for now, I can enjoy the improvements He has made. He isn’t finished yet, but now we are closer to having a workable surface for Him to build on. What I currently have is a flat, usable section of road for the Lord to lay His foundation on.  I expect He will clear more roads in my soul in  the future but for now I am content to revel in the result of 8 years of hard labor, one section of cleared road.

At 47, I am thankful for many more years to see what the Lord will build on my cleared land.  I only wish I had jumped in sooner….but He reminds me…His timing is always perfect.  He can only call when we are ready to begin the journey of change.