Thank Your Producer Today – When are you an Adult?

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Happy Wednesday THEO students,

During our high school Economics class, students learn the difference between producers and consumers.  Normally, I ask the students who in the room is a producer.  Many hands go up as most high school students have a part-time job.
I follow the first question with a second one, a third, fourth and fifth.  Oh, you pay for the rent for the roof over your head?  You pay for your own car insurance?  You pay for every bite of food that you eat?  Every stitch of clothes you wear?  How about the monthly cost of your THEO classes?

Teaching Economics since 2001, I have never had a student answer those questions yes.  Not one of them can say they provide for the roof over their head, their insurance, clothes, education, etc.  They have some producer in their life and that producer does not consume 100% of their income in order to provide for the student’s housing, education, food, insurance, clothing, and more.  What about vacations?

But I digress….

Students, thank your producer today.  Thank the person who does not consume 100% of their income in order to provide for your needs.

It will indicate that you have matured toward maturity; matured to adolescence when you recognize that you are not a lone stranger, an island needing no one.

Which brings us to a new topic – when is a student an adult?

At 18? When out of college?  When you land your first job? When you can provide for all of your needs without any income provided by another producer?  Nope….

You are an adult when you are that producer who doesn’t consume 100% of their income.  When you are that producer who provides for other consumers in your life – a wife? a husband? children?

Be aware students.  Minors are provided for. Recognize your position, the thread wears thin when  you are not grateful.

Adolescents are not provided for; yet, they do not provide for any one else.

You can only be called an adult when you are sacrificing your right to consume 100% of your income to provide for someone else in your life that you love.


Consider.  Thank your producer today.  Recognize your position in this capitalistic world.