Would you like to change?

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One definition of insanity is to repeatedly do the same thing while expecting a different result.  This is the textbook definition of how Terri Threadgill tries to change.

Today, God’s Word jumped off the page at me as I suddenly recognized HIS wisdom in how we can change.  Wow!  Perhaps this is better than the fountain of youth?

Ephesians 4:23

To put on a new man

who has been created in God’s image – in righteousness and holiness


comes from

TRUTH!  (exclamation is mine, not the Apostle Paul’s)

Ephesians 4:23 reminded me of Romans 12:2b…

but be transformed

by the renewing of your mind


These two verses are supported by many others, as well as by my experience.

In the past, and sometimes still  now, I try to change by will power, by the force of my desire, which only lasts a few minutes.  Suddenly, this morning, God gave me eyes to see that any true change in my life had come the same as Paul describes in Ephesians and Romans – from TRUTH.  What is truth you might ask? God’s Word, the Bible

I have been changed by studying God’s Word on a consistent daily basis with my mind.  This change has  not been akin to a sprint, but a marathon that I have been running for decades.

Does the idea of  decade long journey to change discourage you?

Don’t let it. God is so kind.  He will reward you along the way, just as He has me.  In the beginning, He let me pick a lot of “low hanging fruit” which kept me coming back.  Farther along the path, I had to strain a bit more to discover new knowledge, but His Word is filled with fruit if you consistently spend time in it – studying in a methodical manner.

Daily roulette Bible reading won’t offer as much return for your time.

Come see me if you have questions about this consistent, methodical Bible study I am talking about!  I will be happy to share a little about what has worked for me.  Godspeed.