Geometry (Jacobs)

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Teacher:  Christine Jimenez

Grades: 9 – 12

For non-THEO students, please include a new application and the summer application fee of $25 payable to THEO.  Tuition check should be made payable to Christine Jimenez.

Meets:  Not offered during summer 2016

Class Description:  Jacobs’ Geometry text is a popular course.  Jacobs leads the students through the process of reasoning deductively.  Lessons are brief with ample practice problems to solidify the concepts.  Five to seven lessons will be covered in each class period in a discussion oriented method, working sample problems in class.

Because we must cover two chapters per week in order to finish the book in eight weeks, students must be able to handle the workload and pace of this class.  Time is allowed for questions from homework.  Lesson reviews and algebra reviews are included with each chapter.

There is a midterm and final review included in the text.  The tests for each chapter will be completed at home.

Prerequisite: Algebra I or some equivalent.  Due to the extremely fast pace of this course, the student must have earned either A’s or B’s in all of his/her high school math courses in order to sign up for this class.

Homework: The student will be required to complete five to seven lessons of homework per class.  This includes finding and correcting errors on his/her own homework.

Cost Per Student:  $400 which can be paid $200 at sign up and $200 before June 18th

Maximum Number of Students: 12

Supplies that the students should bring to class:

Textbook: “Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding,” 3rd Edition by Harold R. Jacobs.

Scientific Calculator (TI-84 Plus Silver Edition is used by instructor, but any scientific calculator is fine as long as student is familiar with its use)

Non-spiral Paper

Two 2-pocket folders

Highlighters (5 different colors)

One spiral or composition notebook, at least 70 pages

Graph Paper, pencils, ruler, protractor, compass

Additional items needed at home:

Solutions Manual: “Enhanced Teacher’s Guide for Geometry Seeing, Doing, Understanding,” 3rd Edition by Harold R. Jacobs

Red pen for grading