Summer Adv. Math Part 3

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Teacher: Jean Booker

Although it was our plan for summer Advanced Math Part 3 to take place at THEO, we’ve decided the class should happen remotely. Send in your add/drop form if your student needs to join this class.  Registration is open as usual.  Notify Mrs. Booker of your intent to sign up for her summer class.

Every year, THEO offers calculus  for those students who have finished the Saxon Advanced Math textbook.  Because it’s a HUGE trick to finish that book in one year, we offer a summer option for the last third of the class each summer – beginning with Lesson 100-125 from Saxon’s Advanced Math textbook.

If you are planning to take Calculus at THEO next school year, you will benefit greatly from completing the Advanced Math lessons. The beginning of the Calculus text is a whirlwind review of the last 25 lessons of the Advanced Math text that assumes you are familiar with the concepts. Also, if you are planning to continue on to college math, completing these lessons will give you a solid foundation in Trig concepts and advanced Algebra concepts that will be used in those classes.

If you are interested, Mrs. Booker will have zoom sessions set up on summer 2022 Wednesdays: May 25, June 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29. We will meet at 9:30-12:00. Please contact Mrs. Booker through Jupiter or through her personal email to receive emails with the zoom information and possible changes in dates and times. She would prefer not to change the dates, but is willing to change the time if the majority of the participants need a later or earlier time.

Price is low,  $80.     No tests, no grading homework, just teaching the lessons.  There are potentially ten of you who need this class.

Please let me know if you are interested in signing up—an email is fine for questions, but please turn in the add/drop form and $80 check payable to Jean Booker at the front desk to add this class.  AND please be sure of your commitment before writing to me or signing up!