He promises to enlarge me when I am in distress

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In God’s economy things don’t work as you expect. Remember Jesus’ New Testament words, “the first shall be last?” It’s the same God of the Old Testament. He has not changed.

The principle of Psalm 4:1 is similarly unexpected. In the KJV translation it reads: Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness. Thou hast enlarged me when I was in distress, have mercy upon me and hear my prayer.

Right now the world is distressed, groaning because of being hemmed in by the corona virus. This verse is quite promising in light of the distress so many are feeling.

Often our distress comes from feeling caged, penned in, cornered – out of control of our lives or circumstances. Whatever the pressure, in that pressure – enlargement. We may feel smaller and more confined right now, but He promises He is doing a work in people around the world and enlarging them, enlarging their capacity to endure, to think, to feel, to know.

As foreign as this concept sounds, it is my experience. In fact, I can tell you names of others who can testify to the same experience.

Talk to God about this promise. Challenge Him on it.

Writing more, citing examples, would be wasting my breath to try to convince you. Only God can bring this promise to life for you. He is listening closely right now. Give it a try to talk to Him.