We are spiritual beings on a human journey.

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The eye-catching quote is by French Jesuit theologian and scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Today it speaks to me. Maybe it will speak to me every day if I will make time to consider something more than my body.

No Christian would question that we are spiritual beings. Everyone votes yes. Yet, how many of us live like we are spiritual beings? Most often, even the most devoted Christ-followers only devote an hour or two to weekly Church attendance. A smaller percentage gives the Lord 10-30 minutes/day in a “devotional or quiet” time. We are so caught up in what makes us feel good, what makes us happy, that we forget that we are not all body. Percentage wise, we spend a much larger percent of our time on body care rather than soul care.

In my humble opinion, Americans seem addicted to their bodies and what makes them happy, or feel good. Sadly, I personally fall in line with the American way as well. I spend more time eating or exercising or whatever than I do on my time with the Lord.

Where can we start to care more for our spirit than our body? I recently read that we all constantly carry on a conversation with ourselves in our heads. They recommended that we invite God into that conversation in our head.

I plan to try this new way of thinking. Lord Jesus, please join the conversation in my head. When I fail to invite you, please know that the door is always open to you. I want to remember that I am spiritual being on a human journey. I must journey in this body for a lifetime. Keep my eyes on you as I know you love me completely – body, soul and spirit.