Mack Harvey

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After graduating from Stephen F. Austin State University, I worked in the government sector for three years while pursuing a Master of Science in Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Dallas.  Upon graduation, I switched careers into the insurance industry where I have worked since.

When our first daughter was born in 1999, my wife decided she wanted to stop teaching and stay home with our daughter.  It was at that time I began teaching part-time for Collin College as an Associate Faculty member in 2000 to supplement the income loss.  God was very much a part of this plan.  He has more than supplemented our income through the years while at the same time allowing me to enjoy my passion of government and teaching.

My family includes my beautiful wife, Cari, who is a stay at home mom.  Our first daughter, Macailey, is a student at Oklahoma State University pursing a Veterinary Medicine degree.  Our second daughter, Kinley, is a student at THEO and Collin College.  Our family also includes two young men, Devante and Dylan, to whom we fostered during their senior years in high school.  As far as critters, we have 5 dogs and 6 chickens.

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