Homeschool: How Now? Meet with a High School Guidance Counselor

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3/26/2020 Update on our April 2nd Meet with a High School Guidance Counselor Seminar

Mrs. Cantu recorded  Homeschool:  How Now?  Meet with a High School Guidance Counselor seminar for you in light of the shelter in place requirements of March and April 2020.

Before viewing it, please open and/or print the following four documents:

  1. Agenda 
  2. Handout 
  3. Graduation Requirements 
  4. Distinguished Transcript 
  5. Blank Transcript

Homeschool: How Now? Video Presentation 

View the 58 minute presentation above. The seminar is prepared with a wide variety of students in mind – the highly academic student, the kinesthetic student, and the creative student.

After you view it, email Mrs. Cantu, and she will  invite you to  a Q&A session on Zoom at 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 23rd.  THEO Director Terri Threadgill will also be attending.

Thank you for your patience during this time of uncertainty!  Reserve April 23rd from 5-6 for our Q&A time using the Zoom technology platform.

God bless you all!   We are happy to help you however we can.

Meet with a High School Guidance Counselor is THEO’s annual event to educate parents new to home educating a high school students. It’s free! It’s open to parents whose children do not attend THEO!

What does it cover?
Choosing classes, transcripts, meeting college admission requirements and more.

Historically, THEO Teacher and Board Member Donna Cantu  presents for an hour with plenty of time for questions and answers from our THEO library.

Speaker Donna Cantu has been working with homeschooling families for decades now and has wisdom to share.

While you wait for this event, watch the THEO YouTube presentations under the tab marked Fear Not Homeschool Through High School on under the events/seminars tab. Eight power point presentations with a voice over cover topics from choosing curriculum to transcripts to testing and more. They are in bite size messages that can be watched from home! Meet with a High School Guidance Counselor is a free event for any one interested. You do not have to have children attending THEO to attend, but NON-THEO families will rsvp for the seminar at THEO.Solutions on the events and seminars tab when it’s been scheduled.