Eileen Chapman

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The Chapman home schooling adventure began in 1994. We made it through with flying colors. This journey developed a passion within me for helping students to succeed in learning. I have discovered along the way that I love teaching. Who knew? God knew. Along the way, He has given me a heart for teens, and He has given me opportunities to develop skills for teaching teens . Since we started home schooling our three kiddos have gone on to graduate from home school, graduate from college, and are gainfully employed. Hurray! As a famliy, we participated with several co-ops along the way. I have taught writing, literature, book-making, SAT prep, worldviews, logic, speech, and debate. My classes have written essays, novels, analyzed literature, published newsletters, given speeches, tackled debate, written poetry, and learned to be successful in a classroom setting. The greatest pleasure is to hear former students and parents return with success stories from their college experience as a result of these classes. I love to consult with families about home schooling and especially those families dealing with struggling children.

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