Chris Carter

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I am blessed to be one of the early homeschool success stories (graduated in 1998!)  As part of that education, I had the opportunity to take in-depth, lab oriented science classes, which literally changed my life – both educationally and professionally.  It ingrained a deep love of science into my mind, which carries on to this day.  In fact, my first job was packaging and shipping out science labs and supplies to homeschool families with Larry and Paula Smith!

My university education was undertaken at the University of Texas at Dallas, where I earned a BS focusing on natural sciences, mathematics, and computer science and an MA focusing on global culture and business.  As part of my professional career, I worked in the Oil and Gas industry for twenty years, and have been blessed with the opportunity to live and work on five continents. These adventures have provided me wonderful reminders of the amazing Creator that guides both the world around us and our very lives.

I look forward to sharing my own passion for science, both with lectures and more importantly through laboratory experiments, and how this study can help us better understand and appreciate our wonderful God!