Tina Cook

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I am a retired homeschool mom who home educated my own children through high school.  I feel very grateful that I get to continue teaching homeschooled students here at THEO.

I have been teaching American Sign Language (ASL) at THEO since 2011 and I love it.  Before THEO, I co-taught ASL for four years with a Deaf friend at a local co-op.  The two of us also taught summer ASL classes at our church for five years.  These classes were so much fun and we sometimes had over 100 people in attendance!  I also served as the interpreter for the Deaf at my previous church for eight years.  I interpreted the worship service, Deaf Sunday school, and a weekly Deaf Bible study.  I continue to volunteer periodically for a Biblical counseling ministry and interpret for Deaf individuals who are being counseled and need an interpreter.

I am currently pursuing my BEI certification (Board for Evaluation of Interpreters) but have no plans to quit teaching.  I am still involved in the Deaf Community and I love introducing my students to this wonderful community, culture and language.  I get a tremendous thrill when students come to class excited to share with me about an interaction they had with a Deaf person at their church, on their job, etc.  I also love getting messages from previous students who meet Deaf people, often at their colleges, and they tell me they are so grateful for having learned to sign.

Many people are unaware of the fact that 98 percent of the Deaf are unsaved.  This is largely due to the fact that very few Christians are able to share the gospel with the Deaf in their language.  My prayer is that more and more believers will learn sign language, share the Good News with the Deaf, and those numbers can change for the better.