THEO Scholarships

In this day and age nearly every private school has scholarship money allocated as part of their annual tuition budget. THEO is not a private school nor even like a private school.  We charge as little as possible for our classes to ensure that the most students can benefit from our excellent teachers.  Because of that, we do not have a scholarship budget built into the organizational structure.

THEO was founded by single-income homeschooling families to benefit other single-income homeschooling families. THEO class fees are a fraction of private schools tuition because of our heart to assist single-income homeschooling families afford help in the education of their children—without asking them to give up control of the education of their children.

  • Although I regret that we don’t have a scholarship fund,
  • although we could raise our tuition to allow for a scholarship budget,
  • although we could change THEO to a 501©3 non-profit organization with the Treasury Department so that donations would be tax deductible,

we won’t because it would cause us to change the core of THEO’s purpose which is to help single-income homeschooling families afford educational assistance for their 6-12th grade children. Raising the price of THEO classes for the many to help the few doesn’t make sense if it compromises our mission to help the many. Changing to a 501©3 organization gives the government a degree of control over THEO which we are not willing to sacrifice.

That said, please ask if you need a scholarship. On occasion,THEO receives donations for scholarship money. Frequently God has already matched the donation with a particular family and He reveals that in His timing of the gift with the request.

We also have several families who help clean THEO in exchange for class tuition. If you would like to be considered for that position, please contact me to find out availability and then submit a teacher application with references. Obviously this is not a last minute job we offer, but one given well in advance of the need since there are so many who need assistance.

A few  of our teachers  offer free classes in exchange for grading or other tasks.   Please don’t hesitate to contact the teachers directly to find out if there is an opportunity there.

Thank you for understanding. Thank you for being a part of the homeschooling world where we sacrifice the much for the education of our children.


Terri Threadgill

THEO Director