Steve Horvath

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  • Worship Leader/Band Director – 7 years
  • Guitar Teaching – 15 years
  • Playing and Studying Guitar – 23 years

Hi! My name is Steve Horvath. I am originally from California, but after I met my beautiful Texan wife, the rest was history! I have been in the Lone Star State about 16 years now. I have 15 years of private guitar teaching experience, as well as 7 years of worship leading experience in which I have led and directed a band.  I have been playing and studying the guitar for the past 23 years.  I love teaching and helping people reach their musical goals and aspirations!

I have been married to my wife Courtney for 16 years and we have three sons – Seth (13),  Caleb (11) and Ian (4).  I am also a fan of bold coffee, traveling and photography. I have traveled overseas on missions trips to Pakistan, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam and Ecuador. I was home schooled myself until I reached the 8th grade!

Students also have the option to participate in recitals and various other performance opportunities.  You can also look at our website or FB page included in the links below if that would be helpful.

My music studio has two locations: The first is near Parker Road and McCreary and the other is in Downtown Wylie.  For Theo students who would like to take lessons at one of our studios, we offer a $40.00 discount per month ($85.00/month as opposed to our normal rate of $125.00/month), for lesson times that would be considered homeschool spots (early afternoon).   We also offer piano lessons on Thursday and Friday at our downtown Wylie location.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thank you!





Website:     Phone: 972-665-8621