Student Council – Events

Student Council has a tab at were you can view STUCO By-Laws and their current members.

STUCO hosts a game night with pizza the first Friday of every school year, as well as a Christmas party for the students, movie nights and more.  They also host our service projects, such as the annual Future Fair event every school year.

What is Future Fair?

The Future Fair team schedules  informative and engaging  speakers to share their passion and experience with THEO students  (and parents)  on topics such as interviewing, career counseling, college admissions, mentoring/internships, financial planning for college.

Guests choose which of the following speakers they want to hear during their four 30 minute sessions.  STUCO will be working on the list of 2022 speakers soon.  The 2019 Future Fair speakers were:

Debbie Dooley of Dallas Baptist University will speak on college admissions – and answer admission questions in general – she’s a former homeschooler  too!

Diane Teigen, Field Marketing/Visual Display Director will speak on interviewing for all types of jobs, although her background is with Fossil Group

Michael Flanagan, former homeschooled student, now UT grad will speak on sales.  He is currently a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch

Vicki Musall, THEO Teacher of Managing your money God’s way, will speak on finances and college expenses

Mark Finch will speak on careers as a Raytheon engineer

Jim Yarbrough will speak as a retired scientist who worked for the U.S. EPA

Pete Errington, THEO dad will speak on careers in ministry and working for a non profit.  Pete is a pre-field coordinator for Beyond, a church-planting ministry

Steve Seachman, owner of the Mentor Model will speak on collecting students with on-the-job mentoring and apprenticing

Salli Whitaker is the Director of One Path Career Counseling a very affordable method for career testing.  She will give you an overview of what to look for as you consider a career major or a job opportunity.