THEO Online Learning and Expectations

THEO Christian Solution, Inc. Statement of THEO Online Learning and Expectations for both THEO Online and Hybrid THEO In-person classes

This document was written to outline expectations of online learning for all parties: parents, students, teachers, and staff.

To attend a THEO Online or Hybrid class, students commit to:

• Follow the individual teacher’s Virtual Classroom Rules (if applicable)

• Enter the classroom wearing appropriate classroom clothing (see THEO’s Rules and Guidelines for further detail on THEO dress code)

• Enter the classroom with a working camera and microphone

• Enter the classroom with adequate workspace and necessary supplies close at hand

• Stay at their computer for the duration of the posted class meeting time

• Show their live face with proper name displayed

• Participate with working sound

• Participate as if they were in the physical classroom themselves

• Enter the platform waiting room four or five minutes before class time to easily be admitted and get settled before class officially begins to be ready when the teacher begins class

• Follow screen lock down instructions during exam periods if required

• Know how to access assignments as well as how to turn in assignments on Jupiter Grades during class time. Attendance will be taken and recorded in Jupiter Grades as is standard THEO protocol

• Failure of technology does not shift the burden of responsibility to the teacher. Nor are teachers able to turn their attention to a student’s trouble with technology when they have a live class before them.

• Failure of technology does not reduce standard published tuition fees