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My cousin’s adopted daughter decided to return to the Ukraine on her 19th birthday.  What heartache for the family.  All because of a boy she met when she visited last month.

But she won’t listen to reason….

Is that by definition foolishness?  The Bible says foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child.  Proverbs 22:15

And we all want to judge her, and yet, every adult has been there. Old enough to do what you want.  “I’m an adult.  No one can tell me what to do.”  Old enough but not wise enough to see the downside to your plan.

My prayer?

  • That God protects her through this ordeal on the other side of the world.
  • That she’s smart enough to wise up quickly – not over decades.
  • That she’s humble enough to confess her plan failed.
  • That my cousin is wise enough to love her when she returns.  Love her without a lecture.  Life will have given her the lecture.
  • That this is that marker in her life that builds a beautifully firm foundation in her life of devotion to Jesus, the only good and wise King.

Parents, warning,  there is not a formula for raising “good” kids.  Adam and Eve had THE perfect parent, and yet, they rebelled.

If your kids do not rebel, it has more to do with God and them than with your savvy parenting skills.

Your child may not run off to Kiev but brace yourself for something because it is coming.

Then it’s your turn to choose to act like a foolish child or to emulate the good and wise example God gave us in the story of the prodigal son.

Choose wisely….