Fees 2023 – 2024

The cost of taking classes at THEO is two parts, sometimes more if the teacher collects a class supply fee or you are new to THEO.  Please read this entire page – all the way to the final piece of clarification about tuition late fees.

1. New Family Processing Fee

New families will pay a $25 administrative processing fee to be added to THEO’s  database so you can register online for classes. You are considered a new family if you were not enrolled in classes the previous school year.  New families are any family that did not have a student taking classes at THEO the prior school year.  The $25 processing fee is charged per family and not due if you are merely adding a new student to THEO classes.


THEO’s application fee is $150/student regardless of the number of classes taken by that student for the school year. The application fee is paid annually at registration for one or multiple classes and is not refundable. We currently have a $300 max application fee per family.


The second cost associated with taking a class at THEO is the teacher’s monthly tuition, which is set by each teacher.

Monthly tuition is due on the 1st – before the 10th; checks are payable to the teacher for September through April tuition. May tuition checks are written to the teacher but delivered to THEO with your application fee as a good faith deposit and is not refundable (Added 11/29/2017 to clarify THEO’s policy and procedures: The May tuition deposit is not refundable nor transferable to another month should a family decide to withdraw from a class mid-year.)

Classes begin in August but there isn’t a charge for August tuition.  Tuition payments are collected for the months September- May tuition with the May tuition paid at time of enrollment.

If you need to drop a class after THEO has begun the school year, please fill out an Add-Drop-Form and submit it to the office. Any drop forms received by us prior to the first of the month will not need to pay that upcoming month’s tuition. However, if the first day of the month has arrived when you deliver your form, monthly tuition is due.  Added 11/29/2017 for clarification: When a family withdraws a student from a class, the family  does not receive a refund of the final month tuition (most often May since most THEO classes are yearlong), but the family is not required to pay any future tuition after withdrawing from the class.

4. Class Supply Fees

Certain classes require an annual supply fee, such as Forensics for event fees and copies, Biology for dissection specimens, etc.  Please include that amount – payable to the teacher – when you apply for a class.  The supply fees are not refundable, nor transferable if you choose to drop the class at any time.

Logistics of monthly tuition payments

Class tuition is payable to the teacher. However, do not give those checks or cash directly to the teacher. Instead  please deposit your monthly tuition check into the THEO tuition box for recording. After being recorded, the check or cash is passed along to the teacher.

THEO staff provides this bookkeeping service for teachers.  This procedure is to assure we maintain dual records in the event of questions regarding payment or the timeliness of a payment.


Every May 1, you will not pay May’s tuition since that will have been collected with your application. (or December for semester long classes)

Late fees
If tuition is paid after the 10th of a month, then the late fee applies as follows:
  • $25 for the first time payment is late PER TEACHER / PER CLASS
  • $50 for the second time payment is late PER TEACHER / PER CLASS
  • $75 for the third and subsequent times payment is late PER TEACHER / PER CLASS

THEO and/or THEO teachers  will collect up to $30/returned check depending on the number of times this event has happened.  Everyone makes mistakes, so the first time, the family will only be charged what the bank charged for each returned item.

Neither your application fee nor your deposit of tuition nor your class supply fees will be refunded once you have taken a spot in a THEO class, so please carefully consider your decision before applying for a THEO class.