Friday Adventures in 2022-2023

THEO’s Friday Adventures exists to serve parents and their kindergarten (must be 5 by September 1) through 6th grade children. Our purpose is to supplement your home school curriculum with a day of educational AND fun activities in a safe, nurturing Christian environment.

THEO Friday Adventures activities include science experiments, art, history/geography lessons, music, drama, foreign language/sign language, and the all-time-favorite Show-and-Tell! We also enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day together with special activities and refreshments. Traditionally, in the spring, we enjoy a day of FUN FRIDAY games and activities to end our year in a memorable way!

As these activities are meant to enhance your own home school curriculum, there will be no homework at Friday Adventures although communication will be sent through THEO’s Jupiter Grades system to keep all parents in the loop about the activities of their Friday Adventures students.

Children can be dropped off at 8:50 a.m. and picked up again at 1:20 p.m. Students bring their lunch, a water bottle and a snack (and Show and Tell, if applicable). All other supplies will be provided.

Please include your check payable to “THEO” in the amount of

  • 1 student before June 15th: $130 application fee + $135 May tuition + $100 Supply fee = $365
  • 1 student after June 15th: $150 application fee + $135 May tuition + $100 Supply fee = $385
  • 2 students before June 15th: $260 application fee + $270 May tuition + $200 Supply fee = $730
  • 2 students after June 15th: $300 application fee + $270 May tuition + $200 Supply fee = $770
  • (There is also a separate processing fee of $25 for families that are new to THEO for the first year only.)


Friday Adventures & Academic Adventures Jotform.  Also fill out the THEO jotform if taking any classes other than Friday Adventures or Academic Adventures.

THEO Application fee is $130 prior to June 15th and $150 after June 15th every year.  It’s non-refundable.

Friday Adventures tuition is $135/month/student payable over nine months—September through May, with May collected at registration.  It’s non-refundable; however, if you drop Friday Adventures mid-year, future months’ tuition is not due.

Friday Adventures supply fee of $100—non refundable!

Email our Friday Adventures Director, Vicki Musall, at



Dress Code

  1. Friday  Adventure students follow THEO dress code rules.
  2. Closed-toe shoes are recommended.

General Behavior

  1. Be respectful of all your classmates, adults, and student aides.
  2. Use your best manners at all times (yes Ma’am, no thank you, please)
  3. Do not chew or bring gum on the property.
  4. Stay with your teacher or student aide at all times. No wandering off.
  5. No cell phones or electronic devices.
  6. No sharing of food or snacks.
  7. No peanut products allowed in the building on Fridays.
  8. ONLY water is allowed to be brought as a beverage. We do have water refill stations.
  9. Pray often for your classmates, and take care of others by making the best choices you can.
  10. Stay home if you feel ill, have a runny nose or a temperature of over 99.9 degrees.