Online Policies

Before jumping into our ONLINE class selection, please read THEO’s ONLINE CLASS POLICY:

1) We acknowledge that 90% of all students learn best in a classroom setting with face-to-face interaction with their teacher and classmates.

2) However, in spite of the COVID disruption, learning must continue for 100% of the student population.  The current generation of students must not be robbed of their education, nor should it be delayed.  Therefore, THEO online classes are developed to promote and encourage continued learning for  all students in spite of local or national events.

3) Now is the time for THEO teachers to shine as they continue to hone their teaching skills in order to make online learning as positive as possible for 100% of all students.

4) The majority of THEO’s online classes will be held in a format that meets weekly with face-to-face interaction between student, teachers and classmates. THEO’s purpose is not to duplicate online curricula already in existence.

5) A commonly used phrase at THEO is “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.” That phrase applies here. THEO teachers will:

  • do everything in their power to lay out a well-designed course,
  • provide clear instruction,
  • use tools designed to reach all learning styles and
  • provide a road map aka class syllabus for parents and students alike to follow.

However, the student must “drink that proverbial water.”  Students must follow all of the guidelines listed on THEO’s Remote Learning Document – to be found under apply, then under forms.  Many of the items are::

  • have a stable internet connection on a working computer with a working camera and microphone turned on
  • attend class with  adequate work space and necessary supplies close at hand
  • wear appropriate classroom clothing (see THEO’s Rules and Guidelines for further detail on THEO dress code)
  • stay engaged in spite of the challenge of viewing a computer for every class
  • turn in their assignments in a timely fashion with as much attention to detail as is possible for a student of their age/maturity and
  • study.  Teachers teach; students must commit to learn.

6) THEO teachers recognize that online learning is now a part of the future of education since families are scattered far and wide, perhaps not near an outsourcing resource such as THEO.

7) A benefit?  At times THEO’s online classes are occasionally recorded (teacher only, not even voices of students without written permission)  for viewing at a later time should a student miss a class.  That is not an option with live teaching.

8) If your students are succeeding in their current learning environment, then Godspeed to you and your family. If not, please know the THEO family of staff and teachers stand ready to support you. It is our hearts’ desire that every child’s education continues without  delay.

9) Going forward, THEO teachers commit to search for methods and tools that can make online learning as palatable as possible for 100% of the students God brings to our THEO classrooms.