New Family for the school year

How to Apply as a New THEO Family

THEO accepts new students yearlong but being able to register ONLINE has deadlines. (Anyone can register at any time using our paper format.)
Step #1 – Complete the following online application (all students registering must also sign regardless of age) and pay your $25 Non-Refundable Processing Fee online at :

THEO Application for an online application:

Friday Adventures/Academic Adventures Application

Or Step #1b- If you prefer to fill out the paper application, you can do so here:

Step #2 – Once we receive and process your registration form and fee, THEO staff will notify you of your acceptance.  If accepted, THEO staff will then add you to our online system. At that time you will receive an email with instructions about registering for specific THEO classes. Please follow the instructions in the email to register online in our THEO database. We will also email you or telephone you with specific details if your family has not been accepted to THEO.  Please note:  Processing your new THEO application might take up to ten days at different times of the year.  
Step #3 – Submit (mail or hand deliver) the following items to lock in your seat(s) in your chosen class(es):
  • Add/Drop form with a list of classes you choose (if not completed during the online registration window)
  • $130 per student, max of $300 per family, checks made payable to THEO for registration PRIOR to June 15th.  From June 16th forward, the fee increases to $150 per student, $300 max per family (Increase effective the 2019-2020 school year.)  Occasionally, parents can enroll in a THEO class with prior teacher permission. THEO parent application fee is $75/year.
  • Tuition deposit and supply fee (per class) checks made payable to the individual teacher. The tuition deposit is equivalent to the monthly tuition for the class, e.g. $80 for Apologia Chemistry, and is non-refundable. The supply fee is also non-refundable.The tuition deposit pays the final month of class, typically May but sometimes December if the class is fall only. THEO does not collect for August tuition since May and December are both short months. For your deposit payment, please only include one student per class per check. For example: Sally and Johnny Jones are taking Astronomy. We need one check for $55 tuition and $60 supply fee, total of  $115, payable to Science Lab Tutorials (Paula Smith) for Sally and another check for $115 for Johnny. Monthly tuition can then be paid in teacher groups, so Mrs. Smith could get paid $110 in one check for each month (Sept – April) rather than 2 checks for $55 each. Tuition deposit and supply fee checks should be written for May 1 unless we have passed May 1st; in that case, write your check with the current date. Please ask a staff member if you’re not sure what date to put on your check.
Mail the completed forms, along with checks to:
1301 Custer Road, Suite 616
Plano, TX 75075

Click here for more location details
Monthly Tuition Rules
  • Tuition is collected during the school year for September through April (the monthly amount is the yearlong tuition averaged over nine payments rather than tuition amounts varying/month depending on the number of weeks of classes in the month)
  • May or December tuition is collected up front at the time of registration and is not refundable nor transferable
  • Monthly tuition is payable before the 10th day of each month
  • All tuition checks should be payable to the teacher
  • No tuition charge for the August class session (unless it is a Summer Class meeting before the fall semester begins) – this also balances out the short teaching time in May
  • Late fees are paid to the teachers. Late fees are assessed per class if tuition is paid after the 10th of the month. The fees, which escalate,  are:
    • $25 for the first time payment is late
    • $50 for the second time payment is late
    • $75 for the third time payment is late
  • The processing fee, application fee, tuition deposits, and the supply fees will not be refunded if your student withdraws from the class anytime during the year, but you will not be obligated to pay future months of tuition.
You will be notified if your student has been accepted. It is our goal to notify you within ten days of receiving your application paperwork but depending on the time of year, it may take longer due to vacations.
We predict several of our classes will fill up quickly, so please do not wait to mail in your application paperwork, fees and deposit.